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Professional, Experienced Paediatric Dietitians

Changing your child's life, one bite at a time

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Paediatric Dietitians in Brisbane  (Woolloongabba) and the Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore)

ChildD came to be in 2015 after a group of friends, all paediatric dietitians, realised that families with infants, children and adolescents had difficulty accessing reliable and credible nutrition advice.

Since then we have grown to be South East Queensland's most experienced paediatric dietetic service. We have supported countless children and their families to be able to learn, live and play at their best.

Our team offers the benefits of the latest research, clinical evidence, experience, professionalism, alongside a level of personal commitment and understanding in paediatric nutrition and health rarely found in other services.

Help Your Child Be Their Best

At ChildD, we are passionate about good health, especially in kids. Our aim is to provide advice and support for parents so that kids can grow and thrive on being the very best they can be.

We give parents the confidence to know what nutrition is best for their individual child and offer practical support to achieve it. No family is the same, no child is the same, and therefore there is not ‘one’ diet that suits every child.

We use evidence-based practice to help guide our recommendations. But we make it easy to understand and achievable. As parents ourselves, we recognise that food is a social and family affair, and any goal needs to be manageable and sustainable.

A boy and girl eating strawberries at the table
A boy and girl eating strawberries at the table
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Meet Our Specialists

At ChildD, we pride ourselves on offering expert guidance to parents and children to help them manage specific nutritional issues. With a combined 70 years of experience in the field, we have the knowledge and skills to offer you and your child the very best of care and advice you can trust.