Julia Fox has been a clinical paediatric dietitian for over 12 years and is currently the Clinical Leader of Dietetic Services for Surgical and Gastroenterology services at a large tertiary hospital in Queensland. Julia is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and in addition to her hospital work runs a small private dietetic practice on Brisbane’s Northside.

Julia is a recognised leader in the clinical dietetic management of children with dependence on parenteral nutrition, and the nutritional management of children with complex gastrointestinal disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease and liver failure, and has presented at national and international scientific meetings on these areas.  Julia has utilised her skills to advocate for and achieve formal improvements in service delivery, particularly in the area of parenteral nutrition.

Over her 11 years of working at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane as a clinical paediatric dietitian, Julia gaining advanced skills in the nutritional management of a diverse range of paediatric clinical conditions. During this time Julia also worked in a state-wide clinical education role where she was responsible for the development of an introduction to paediatric dietetics course.

Julia is a content expert consulting for the paediatric dietetic training course as a reviewer and lecturer.